Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2 Week Checkup

Today we went in for Ellie's 2 week appointment with the doctor. It's still weird for me to sign in someone else's name. Not that after 2 weeks it should be old hat by now.... Basically, today was just a weight check. At our last weigh-in appointment, we barely made the grade at 6 lbs. 2 oz. Today, our goal was her birth weight of 6 lbs. 12 oz. We blew past that for an even 7 lbs. It was a little short of what we were guessing, but still plenty pleasing. And, as witnessed by the fact that we guessed Ellie was a boy, we're not super great guessers.... Also, I'm anxious to start wearing her in our Moby wrap, and she needs to be 8 pounds for that, so partly it was wishful thinking. Her newborn clothes are starting to actually fit though, and her belly is HUGE, so we can tell that she is growing. She'll be into her cute 0-3 mos. girlie outfits soon.

We have been getting in some nice welcome gifts for Ellie. Lots of cute pink outfits, socks, and stuffed animals. A couple notable gifts were the diaper burp cloths and onesies embroidered with the company logo and the jet airplane spoon and runway bib combo that lights up from the company IT department.

Since the last post, Ellie lost her umbilical cord stump, so she has gotten a few real baths from Dad.
He has taken over that duty and loves to get a little Daddy-Daughter belly time in the mornings if our schedule allows for it. He also has started reading her bedtime stories from our little library.

Dad cup feeding Ellie in Week 1. She made cute little slurpy noises like a tiny little frog.

Flower arrangement from Mom's former work colleagues.

Like a turkey button, her arms always pop up when she's about done.

First bath with Dad.

With luck, her body type will not stay pear-shaped...

I have a BIG BELLY! (and independently operating eyelids)

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