Friday, February 18, 2011

Spark Person

Today, we took a friend of P's to breakfast. It was pretty tasty at the time, but it's kind of tasting like ashes right now because today was the day my trainer told me I need to track my food. The breakfast was about 1300 calories, and therefore almost my daily allowance. I weigh basically what I weighed 4 weeks ago, despite all the exercise. So, I've signed up with to track my diet and watch calories, fat, nutrients, etc and retrain myself how to eat. I kind of let my sweet tooth off the leash in the last trimester and after Ellie was born. I was losing weight too quickly because I was skipping meals. So, we began eating more brownies, cookies, and milkshakes. The trainer motivated me to go back to 3 meals a day, but P and I have been eating out at least a couple times a week and eating mostly pre-packaged foods. So, it looks like we'll need to trim back on deserts and eating out and I need to start cooking again.

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