Monday, June 20, 2011

In 'n Out

Just a couple days after we noticed the first tooth, a second one joined it. She keeps them hidden mostly, but every now and then you can keep her tongue back and take a peek. They are about half emerged from what I can tell. So far, she's been a trooper. Her head seemed a little warm this morning, but mostly, you can't tell she's teething. I was dreading days of crankiness and sleeplessness. But, she is sleeping better the last couple days. There were several where she was waking up every 2.5 hours, but now we seem to be back to 4-6 hour stretches (knock on wood). She has been a little off her feed, but today, she had a lot more appetite.

As far as solids go, I give her a few tidbits when she is around and we're eating. However, most of the time, I eat when she's asleep. So, she gets food only sporadically. And, since she hasn't shown a ton of interest, I'm not really sweating it. So far, she's tasted oatmeal, raspberries, mushrooms, potatoes, broccoli, peaches, avocado, dried apricot, and pie crust. She has taken everything except the peach and avocado, so far. I cut up some celery and cucumber sticks tonight so we might try those as more substantial grabbing food in the next couple days. I also steamed some veggies, so we might try those too. The broccoli especially seemed to fascinate her. We got to see her gag reflex in action as she moved the little blossom from the back of her throat back to her jaw for a little additional mastication.

I'm beginning to get a little anxious about our upcoming trip to Florida. Luckily, we only have a couple of events on the schedule. And, since we're nursing nakid'  boob style, nursing seems much more effortless. I've found a couple of suitable dressy outfits I can nurse in, which is harder than you'd think. Button up shirts are scarce these days. I even found "cute" shoes I think I can walk in while carrying a baby/baby carrier. Now, I'm just debating how many extra sleep sacks, outfits, etc to pack. We've been having severe night-time diaper leak issues.

Size-wise, she's still in size 2's, but when we ran out of our diaper cake stash, I bought 12-hour Pampers thinking they'd solve our occasional leak issues. Instead, they increased them. After giving them about a week, I had washed the sheets, sleep sacks, and clothes more times than I cared to. A load a day. The final straw was when she leaked through two sleep sacks in one day. I bought the Pampers Extra Protection diapers in the next size and after one night, they seem like they might do the trick. I changed her mid-way through the night and then her morning diaper was just enormous. But, leak free! I'm beginning to think we might could have solved the problem by just moving to regular size 3's. Which is weird because at 14 pounds, she's still under the 18 pound weight limit. And, under the 16 pound entry weight for size 3's. Maybe she just eliminates like a bigger baby....

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