Sunday, July 17, 2011

On the Road Again

This weekend, we're in Nevada (state #5). We're staying with friends who have three young children. So far, Ellie is loving it. Everyone is competing for her attention. Naps have been irregular, with the majority of the day spent in cars, airports, and airplanes. Ellie was a good sport (as usual) throughout and flirted every chance she got. She took a short nap on the first flight but then didn't sleep until we reached Reno. Then, she went to bed around 5:30. Which, was fine, except she woke for good this morning at 4:30. So, we've been chasing sleep today. We'll probably get caught up with the time difference about the time we go home.

Today, we went to the Animal Ark, which is an animal sanctuary. The kids seemed to like it. Ellie just liked watching the kids and being outside. Most of the animals were sleeping in the shade since it was right about lunchtime, but we did get to see one of the coyotes get a beef bone. P took his camera and got a few photos.

Zamaeris, Alicia, Zaehrin, Pete, Zaedin, Erin, and Ellie.


Mountain lion

Unidentified flower with a really sweet smell.

Flower with a bee.

Coyote, Amelia Earhart, eying her meaty snack.

Fetching the meat bone.

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