Tuesday, August 30, 2011

9 Month Appointment

Well, it's official. Ellie is a shrimp. She's a whopping 16 pounds 4 ounces. She's grown an inch in three months. At this rate, she could stay in her infant carrier until she's 18 months. She doesn't crawl, but Dr. L wasn't concerned about that. She's a real chatterbox when we go to the doctor's office for some reason. She is healthy, alert, and LOVES the paper on the table. So, I think he was satisfied that she is mentally stimulated and well loved.

As usual, he gave us a laundry list of things to do; adjust the water heater to 120ºF, baby-proof the house, bolt all the tv's and shelves to the wall, secure blind cords, etc.... I thought for sure we'd get out of there for once without a shot, but I asked about the flu shot and so she got part 1 of 2. She almost didn't react to this one and recovered quickly. Maybe she's getting used to the pain. Or, maybe since it was just one she thought it was a cake walk.

We only had a couple of issues to ask the doc about. Grandma and Dad have noticed Ellie grinding her teeth. She really only has half of one on top, so I wonder if she's just getting used to it. Dr. L said his son used to do that too and there's really nothing you can do about it. A mouth guard would be more of a choking hazard than a help. The other issue had to do with a particularly painful poo-sperience this weekend where she actually cried as she was using the potty. She's been eating lots of fruit, but I picked up some prunes when we were out and have been trying to get her to eat one at each of her two meals. So far, she's still straining, but nothing nearly as bad as Saturday.

We've been doing more floor time trying to work on our crawling skills, and I've been throwing in a few more diaper free periods while I can before she starts crawling around. She seems to have the strength and mobility, she just isn't interested enough to go after anything yet. I try to put toys just out of reach, but she is a very easy-going child. She decides that her hands are suddenly fascinating or the people walking by are more fun to flirt with. I wonder what will finally inspire her.

Lovin' on her clouds 
Taking a bath in the BIG tub!

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