Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Making a Move

Ellie is expressing an interest in mobility finally. She can't seem to get the hang of crawling although she can push herself backward until there is nowhere left to go (usually not more than 3 feet). Yesterday she pushed herself backward from her belly into a seated position, although I think it was more serendipitous than on purpose. However, she enjoys a nice superman ride on the rocking ottoman and she has been indicating that she wants to stand at her activity table and other places. She will sometimes cruise around the table to get from one activity to another, but she really pushes herself around when she's in the seat and has wheels to make it easier. She's slowly learning to fall from standing without hurting herself, and she can stand pretty well with a spotter for minutes at a time. Other times, not so much. Today, she almost did the splits. And, she had a minor setback when she fell backward from sitting and was very upset. I guess I've been protecting her from that and she forgot that it's not always soft behind her head. She's pretty limber on the ottoman ride too. She'll actually jump down and land on her feet (in her sleep sack, no less). I think she really likes that because it makes her feel very independent. Of course, there's not really a lot of room for error when there's about 12 inches between the chair and ottoman and Mom's legs are on either side. But, she thinks it's great.

So, we're taking bets. Will she walk before she crawls? Will she walk by Christmas?

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