Wednesday, April 4, 2012

March Flowers Bring...?

So, it's April 4th. While the weather has cooled a bit from the balmy bit of premature summer we were experiencing, it is still warmer than average for this time of year. Ellie has been outside everyday. Our sandbox is now filled to the brim and operational. We have a few sand toys, but will probably add a few things like cars to the mix before long. At this point, E is equally enamored of the sand, which she eats, and the pea gravel from the dog yard which she flirts with putting in her mouth, but I think the first time she tried to bite one she decided that maybe they weren't edible. That may explain why she's been suspicious of yogurt covered raisins lately. Now, she picks favorites and ceremoniously brings them to me while I try to read and keep an eye on her from my chair. After touring a few of the local parks, we may revisit the idea of a plastic swing set for our yard. I was a little apprehensive about getting one because that just means we'll have to dispose of it in a few years. However, I think between word of mouth and the internets we can probably find another family who will take it off our hands when the time comes.

Otherwise, E is working on full-blown tantrums. Last week, I cancelled two appointments because she was in such a state. In retrospect, the first one probably could have been avoided, but since I was new to her hijinks, I didn't know any better. Friday though.... She woke up from her nap in a very bad mood that was only exacerbated by my refusal to nurse her. I'm not sure if she uses it as a power thing, or just a comfort thing, but lately, she asks to nurse at weird times throughout the day. Usually, there's an amount of boredom associated. However, I've been telling her there is no milk and offering water instead. Usually, she moves on pretty easily. Friday though, she wasn't having it. We were supposed to go get her pictures taken, but I figured that after 40 minutes of fussing and screaming, she wasn't really going to be into it. She refused to eat lunch, she wouldn't get dressed, didn't want me to touch her diaper, nothing would calm her except looking out the window. So, despite the fact that it was in the 50's, after I called the photographer to cancel, we went outside and she was instantly better. I think we're going to be buying sunblock in bulk by the end of summer.

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