Thursday, May 30, 2013

Naptime Bonus

I realize it hasn't been a month, but the Midget fell asleep during tummy time and I have a couple minutes.... Sunday, we went to the drive-in again. However, it rained almost right until the movie began, so we got a little damp (see pic). After the back of the truck was soaked, I decided to watch from the comfort of my car with Cat and Cali. It was truly the way to go. If the concession stand had served decaf, it would have been pretty perfect.

About the only thing I've accomplished since my last post is to hook up my rain barrels. I went to check on the garden after a week of rain and discovered the empty one had fallen on my biggest broccoli head and broke it off. So, I fixed the rain barrels. They should both be full now because it has been so wet the last week. I hope it stays dry for a few days. And, this Spring breeze is awfully nice.

New on the to-do list is developing an identity (logo) for Cat's new business idea. She has been offered a job and starts June 3rd. However, it is as a PRN Companion Homemaker, so she will still have the flexibility to get this off the ground and do some traveling.

I also need to track down some windchimes. There is a young woodpecker who recently discovered our (cedar) house. The final straw was this morning when he decided to tap out a wake-up call right outside our open window at 5:45 am. Cheeky little devil!

I'm also pretty stoked about my Father's Day project. P really outdid himself this year, and I've been struggling to come up with something on the same level. However, we only have room for so many framed pictures and ceramic whoozits, so I had to come up with a different idea. Check back next month to see how it went.

A genuine smile. Cali is shaping up to be a more demonstrative baby than (stoneface) Ellie.

Our silent auction basket. Worth $400, it went for $200 :(

Soggy drive-in with makeshift umbrella.

Sisters, just hanging out together.

Always a lady with ankles crossed.

Wearing a diaper cloth chapeau by Dad.

Communing with Dad.

Oh really, Dad? Tell me more....

Napping on the job.
Our first *official* family pic with Cali.

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