Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sassy New Year

Wow. These posts are getting further and further apart. This one will be short since I have four stitches in my left index finger. Typing is a challenge with 9 fingers.

So far this year I have learned:

1. The ER is a wonderful break from kids. However, the recovery period is not worth the 60-90 minute break.

2. If you really want to get antibiotics so you can nip a virus in the bud, cut your finger and go to the ER.

3. Other parents are just as awkward as me sometimes.

4. Three is a truly challenging age that may have decided the size of our family once and for all.

5. Snow can really be a pain. I knew I didn't like being out in it much, but now it's making mountains at intersections, encroaching on driving lanes, making parallel parking darn near impossible, and then when you do, you can only get kids out on the traffic side and then you cannot access the sidewalk…. Argh!! We'll just stay home till it thaws.

6. You cannot simply decide to train your child to stay dry at night.

7. I have to ban my phone from "Mom" time so I can be truly present (and on my toes) for the wily preschooler.

Here are some cute pictures of the kids. I'll try to check in before May :D

Taking a break from sitting

6 teeth and counting - upside down is her favorite position (ironic since she was breech)

She is trying to blow across the top of the bottle (and it's root beer)

Making cookies for Santa

Favorite Present

Making tortillas like a boss

She already eats more than her sister

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