Thursday, October 16, 2014

As the Leaves Fall

Surprise! Another post and it's barely been a month since the last one!

Everyone is well. The girls have settled into the school routine. Cali has surprised me how well she's adjusted to the routine and environment. I went to observe their classes this morning and was tickled by how community minded Cali was. She handed items to other kids and picked up a dropped toy and handed it to her classmate. She sings along with her friends and really gets into circle time.

Ellie has struggled a bit with her new class. Her new teacher is less inclined to coddle and cave as Ellie has become accustomed to. Once she stops trying the tactics she employs at home, I think she'll have more fun. However, she is still trying to bend everyone to her will at least a little. Her favorite days are those when she gets to be a bell ringer or some such role with authority. Her Directress was not at all surprised that she likes to play teacher at home and went so far as to have us install a temporary tape line on the rug so she could instruct us all to sit on it. She has learned to write her name very well, although she currently likes to give her E's extra "legs" so they look like vertical centipedes.

P spent all last week at the site of Valplayso building the new playground with hundreds of other volunteers. He said it was the most rewarding thing he's ever done. The schedule was brutal (6+ 14 hour days), but the community was incredible.

I was essentially a single mom last week, but had some spontaneous visits from friends and family that helped get me through without losing my sanity. Parenting really is nicer with two. I found that the girls like bathing together, but Cali chased Ellie out of the tub a couple of times. Apparently, Cali has a shocking lack of respect for her sister's personal space. I have no idea where she learned that :}

That's about it. We decorated for Halloween, although the jack-o-lanterns are still TBD. We're experiencing peak fall colors this week. The trees at Montessori looked like flames. Very pretty. Check back in a few weeks for Halloween pics.
Sisterly love.

Someone just discovered she likes yogurt. Apparently it tastes better when it's Mom's.

We lurve the new whirligig at the park.

Making pizza. And, yes it was a little floury.

Both girls have been enjoying the bumper crop of raspberries this fall. Cali likes to take advantage of the fact that she gets home earlier. And yes, she can eat a pint in one sitting.

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