Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Season of Everything

As I sit down to write this, the Sandra Boynton "Very Very Busy" song is running through my head and clashing horribly with George Winston's December album. For those of you not familiar, click on the link for the video.

I think I am finished with Christmas shopping. I sent packages today, although I have one large one I need to fabricate a box for. I'm excited to see how everyone likes their gifts. The girls have a very small stack, but Santa is bringing them matching iPads so we can finally load a current iOS and update their apps. Plus, everyone else seems to spoil them crazy every year. I doubt they'll feel deprived.

Since October, we've done and celebrated a few things. Family photos. See results here. For Halloween, the girls were Rainbow Dash and Nightmare Moon. We went to a couple of Improv Night fundraisers. The ice rink opened. Ellie turned 5. She had a "big girl party". I ordered my Tesla Model X (delivery early 2016). We visited Texas.

Apologies if your Christmas cards are late this year. I was waiting on our photos and really cut it close this year. I have a few deadlines yet this week, but should have a longer post before the end of the year. With luck.

Some folks acclimated better than others to the ice.

One day in lieu of nap.

Yoga pose on rock

Mom and Cali at the playground on a chilly day.


Snowman before Thanksgiving. Dad is a pro.

Birthday party

Cali on ice.

Rainbow Dash cake

Mom's "turkey" leg


Cali's house

Helping Mom with all the paper chains.

Ribbon cutting with the Mayor.

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