Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sneezy Visits the Doctor

Today marked day 16 of the sniffles and congestion. So, we went to see Dr. L. We were running 5 minutes late, but I didn't stress because I knew he'd be later. The parking lot and waiting room were unusually sparse, so I held out a little hope that we'd be in and out in less than an hour. I was close. We got in the room pretty quickly, but then waited forever to get a quick 5 minute consult and a script for medicine if she got worse instead of better. Basically, she could be in the 10% of cold sufferers who takes longer than 10 days to recover, or she could have a sinus infection. Either way, I think she's started to recover since most of her sneezes are pretty dry now.

The highlight of the visit was getting another weigh-in. Ellie now weighs 12.5 pounds. She's climbing the charts to the 13th percentile! So, the fact that she's been eating another half-hour a day seems to be paying off.

A little tongue for the camera
Otherwise, we're kind of in a holding pattern. Ellie has gotten on a rough nap schedule, but has to be forced into them with the Ergo carrier. Mom's back is starting to ache from approximately 3 hours of wearing Baby each day. However, Ellie is getting about 13-14 hours of sleep a day and is a happy girl for the most part. So, I'm just hoping that she grows out of the clingy nap phase at no later than 6 months. I have a sleep book to start reading again that has been highly recommended by several mommy friends. I keep trying the crib nap, but it has only worked when she was already pretty deeply asleep from the car. Even then, she doesn't recover after she startles herself awake the first time, so they're generally 30 minutes or less.

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