Thursday, April 28, 2011


Today was our first professional photo shoot with Ellie and me. We went to a local place, Studio This Is. Goofy name, I know. They do mostly wedding photography, but were open to taking pics of us. Our day started off poorly with Ellie missing an hour of sleep and then fighting her morning nap. Then, our appointment was at 11, and by rights, she should have gone down for another nap around 12 or 12:30. She was a pretty good sport, but spent about 80% of her time with her hands in her mouth. And, she started getting fussy about noon. As it was, she fell asleep in the stroller while I was waiting for lunch at the coffee shop next door.

She hasn't done that in a very very long time. And, she's still asleep in her crib over an hour later. Part of me wants to go start on another project, but another part of me knows this is too good to be true and she'll wake up just as soon as I get started doing something else. So, even though she hasn't moved a muscle since she got comfy in her crib, I'm probably just going to wait it out. The cat is doing her level best to wake Ellie by racing up and down the hall. If she keeps it up, it won't be long now.

With luck, the proofs from the photo shoot should be online by Tuesday. Depending on the security, I'll try to post a link.

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