Thursday, January 24, 2013

How Time Flies

LOVES those sunglasses. Sometimes, she even wears them right-side up.
It's always Halloween here. The "pointy hat" had to be unpacked due to popular demand. And, she usually requires both brooms when she is in character.
Someone mentioned that I hadn't updated in a while. I'm a little shocked that it has been over a month. Here are the highlights and lots of pics:

Made it through Christmas (we had 4) - we now have enough toys to start our own preschool
New Year's Eve wearing her Christmas crown and her "Cheese" face. 

Mom and Dad are attempting to budget using - it's addictive like Pinterest but depressing

Ellie's first haircut - we got rid of the party in the back
I couldn't believe how much hair she actually had.

The party is over.

 Transitioned to her big girl room - it went surprisingly easy

Daddy (and Ellie) repainted the nursery - Now, Dad just has to move the furniture around and Mom gets to accessorize and stock

Ellie helping Dad paint her old room for the new arrival.
Luckily, she doesn't seem to be sentimental about much other than Halloween.

Mommy has started nesting - I am slowly decimating the resident rat's nests

We rescued a kitten - although another family is currently fostering him
Our feline visitor "Obie". He stayed one night and is temporarily staying with another family.
He still would like a forever home....

Isis and Obie sharing a cozy spot. Luckily,  Isis got the sunny side or it might not have worked.

Dad finally got his Vader mannequin set up - Ellie has started requesting visitation

We went to Shedd Aquarium as a family - That is a pricey little day trip with strollers EVERYWHERE

Mom & Dad get a night out in the City this week for an overdose of Hot Chocolate and Ellie is going to try her first sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa's

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