Saturday, March 2, 2013

Eleventh Hour Scramble

Thing 2 could arrive at any time. Technically, we still have 4 weeks to go. However, Ellie was about a week early and since this little bugger is currently breech, the docs are preparing me for the possibility of scheduling a Version (manually trying to turning the bebe) at 39 weeks and combining it with an induction to get things started if they can get the little mite turned. If that doesn't work, I may end up with a C-section unless Thing 2 decides to turn on its own. I've been hanging around upside down every so often in hopes he/she will loosen up and do another somersault. In the meantime, I'm trying to put the finishing touches on the nursery, get yellow stains out of previously "clean" stored clothes, packing my bag, prepping the breast pump in case we have issues nursing again, and trying to put together my new birth plan.

Today, we took a tour of the hospital maternity ward, so we kind of know our way around now. I had no clue at the old hospital and spent most of my time in the room, so I'm not sure if I'll really use this knowledge. I do plan to pack more snacks this time though. Hospital food smells deceivingly good. And, I had thoroughly exhausted their vegetarian options by the time our 48 hours was up. I've already tried the coffee from the onsite coffee shop and it was sadly disappointing. I'll need to try the decaf latte and mocha options before I fully discount them though....

In other news, Aunt C begins her trek North tomorrow. She will be living with us for a while as she gets settled up here. We have house guests next weekend, so it will be a very full casa next week. I'm still not sure where everyone is going to sleep. I foresee a lot of cleaning and wrapping up projects this week.

Ellie has been acting out more recently. It's gotten to the point where I almost don't want to take her out to eat anymore (something we usually do twice a week). Lately, she has been throwing at least one mini-tantrum and we generally have to leave separately as Dad whisks her off to bed and I take care of the check and sometimes enjoy a leisurely coffee and dessert solo.

She throws more fits at home too. Just (randomly) outright refuses to do things like sit on the potty, wash hands, eat, pick up toys, etc. Sometimes threatening to take away treats like stories before bed and her beloved hour of "Mickey Time" before dinner will eliminate the refusal. Other times, she refuses until the treat is taken away and then spends the next 10 minutes crying about how she wants X. So far, that is my least favorite part of parenting.

On the upside, she is a babbling brook. She is singing more and can now verbalize most of "Gangnum Style", "Outdoors" by Jason Mraz, and "Call Me Maybe". Other than those, her favorite genre appears to be old school nursery songs like Wheels on the Bus, Itsy Bitsy Spider, London Bridge, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

She shows signs of being an attentive big sister. She practices bossing her parents around as well as random playmates at the library. However, she also can be nurturing. With her current motor skills her actions don't always come across as nurturing, but I think the thought process is there. She is completely fascinated by "babies" smaller than her, even by a few months. Apparently, she has "adopted" one of her younger classmates at school and tries to help him frequently. But, when older kids do the same to her, she is uninterested (and slightly confused) since she is already a Mentor :)

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