Thursday, August 12, 2010

24 Weeks

Today, we had our 6 month appointment. Midwife L (ML) met with us. There was some disagreement about the due date. According to the little wheel calculator, Potus could be due as late as December 1st. (We've been working with a date of November 28th.) However, everyone agreed a few days either way wouldn't really matter since Potus would come out when he/she was ready. Apparently, I'm on track with weight gain and fundal height. And, I should gain approximately another pound per week. Calculated out, that seems like more weight than recommended generally, but not much.

One thing ML recommended was adding a DHA supplement. Apparently, it can really make a measurable difference in mental strength. I also found it reassuring that nobody at the doctor's office batted an eye at my being vegetarian.

My parents also left today. They drove up from Texas this week and stayed a couple days. Today, they headed back and made it to just south of Little Rock, Arkansas. We didn't do a whole lot while they were here. But, we had a nice visit. P flew us all to Schaumburg for their 36th anniversary dinner at Pilot Pete's, so they had a closeup of the Chicago skyline.

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