Monday, August 2, 2010

Week 23

Surprise! Instead of a day or two late, I'm posting the weekly update a few hours early. Apparently, Potus is about 11 inches long and just over a pound. I'm supposed to be on the lookout for swelling and water retention. My ankles do feel a little swollen, but they also are covered in mosquito bites at the moment, so I think that is the reason. I did about an hour and a half of weeding yesterday and have been feeling it in my lower back ever since. Maybe I'll try to limit that to half hour stints from now on.

My work sent out a nice email today notifying anyone who wasn't aware that I was leaving and announcing my replacement. It feels like a funny time to voluntarily leave a job when so many people are in need of one. However, I think ultimately this is the best for the company and for our family. So, I'll do my part to facilitate the transition and set up K for the best start I can manage.

I got a strange phone call today at lunch. Dr. W1 called because he'd been notified of our records transfer to the new doctor. Apparently, he likes to call each case personally to find out why he's losing the patient/client. I answered thinking it was someone from his office calling to confirm that I'd requested the transfer. After I recovered from the shock of his voice on the line, I told him straight out that I felt we had different philosophies regarding childbirth. He was very professional and offered his services if the new folks didn't work out. He did also propose that he was more interventionist because it made for a lower incidence of c-sections, which to me seemed at odds with what I had read. Not that I'm an expert. However, it seems to me that the new practice is more willing to listen to my wishes and at the very least take them into account and make me feel like we're discussing options.

Also, we bought the lumber for the baby furniture this weekend. Apparently, it's a pretty popular pasttime for woodworking dads. The guy at the store said we were the third set of parents to come through this week with that particular project. P has the wood stacked in his shop now to acclimate for a while before he starts working on it. I think he's secretly hoping my dad will want to work on the furniture while my parents are up here next week. I've told him not to hold his breath. They're coming up on an anniversary road trip and will only be in town about 3 days.

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  1. ok dear. you are gonna have to clue me in on all the names of people you are not mentioning. first letters are fine if you know what the rest of the name is. so, please let me know. i have figured out most of them, but i could be wrong and just making up people.
    other than that, i love reading about what's going on with you. wish we could talk more and i could make fun of you. ahhh, the good old days. i hope you are taking pictures of potus growing. that's the one thing i wish i did more of.