Friday, July 30, 2010

No Really, I'm Great

So, whenever people ask me how I'm feeling, I have a moment of shock as I wonder what about me seems like I'm other than great. I've known and heard about people who had truly horrible symptoms like hives and persistent sickness. I've heard about instances where mother or child died. So, I feel honor-bound to reply that I'm feeling great.

Now, don't get that confused with normal. I do not feel normal. I'm carrying around more weight than ever before. Clothes don't fit how I think they should. I have extra blood pumping through my system, so I get winded on stairs more so than ever before. I have leg cramps at night. Increasingly, I find it hard to get comfortable when sleeping. I have to go to the bathroom frequently. My nose runs more than it used to. My lips are really dry.

But, that doesn't mean I feel bad. I understand all those things are pretty normal symptoms of pregnancy. I'm in good health. Potus is moving around, so I believe he/she is in good health. A brush with indigestion has made me super glad it was only a brush and has not become persistent. I have my appetite. I can keep things down. I'm mobile and haven't had to curtail my extracurricular activities at all. Granted, I walk slower now and my acne hasn't gone away like I'd hoped, but I haven't noticed stretch marks either.

So, please excuse me when I list any of my minor maladies. I'm just trying to share what symptoms I do have because they're new to me and I think some of you might be interested. I'm not really complaining. I'm glad I feel so good. I feel truly fortunate... Great, even.

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