Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Week 19 and Furniture

I love the picture at this week. According to them, Potus is a little cramped with his/her ankles up around his/her ears. It looks a little uncomfortable. By the way, for those of you who wonder who/what Potus is, it's our pet name for the baby. If you're like me, you'll need it explained that it stands for President of the United States. No one can say we don't aim high....

No symptoms this week to speak of. I'm just winded a little easier and having a few round ligament pains. My skin is also being unfriendly, but that could be unrelated to Potus. I have noticed my hair and nails seem to be growing a little more than usual. The nails I'm happy with. The hair, not so much. Apparently, I'm a little behind schedule on my most recent trim. However, this week, I finally succumbed to the free issue of Glamour I'm getting for some reason. I looked inside and found a couple hair styles I'm contemplating. One is a more cleaned up blunt version of what I've got, with bangs. The other is Carey Mulligan's style. Still trying to decide if I can go that short again. I've noticed she wears pretty heavy eye makeup with it to stay feminine looking. Eye makeup isn't really something I can manage on a regular basis, so I fear I'll look more like a pregnant teenage boy. The daily maintenance is very appealing though.

In other news, P finally finished the designs for the crib and changing table. They are going to be cherry with walnut. Sounds like a dessert, huh? Should be very unique. The crib will have a static frame, but the mattress is adjustable. The changing table went from a stairstep design with an optional hutch to just a regular lo-boy dresser. It was determined in an informal poll that the scale of the hutch was just too overwhelming for the room and children's furniture in general. And, I thought the stairstep dresser would look weird in a few years' time by itself.

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