Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Week 20

Today makes 5 months officially. We're scheduled for our ultrasound tomorrow morning. It'll be very exciting to finally see an image of Potus. We have decided we definitely are going to keep the gender a surprise. We see no reason to find out. We plan to keep Potus no matter what :)

So, I've noticed I have been getting short of breath lately. Especially climbing stairs. The leg cramps haven't bothered me much lately. I've learned to not point my feet when I stretch in bed just before taking the dogs out. Haven't experienced heartburn or indigestion much, but I understand that's a possibility. Orange juice seemed to trigger a little heartburn, so I pretty much avoid it now. I had some the other day mixed with club soda and it seemed to mellow the acid enough.

I ran some of the nursery decorations by one of my interior design colleagues today and she seemed excited by some of the pieces and the color scheme. I think I'll try to make some headway on the mobile and the wall art this weekend.

Check back soon for an image of the ultrasound.

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