Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Week 22

So, says Potus is about the size of a spaghetti squash. Although I was told at the five month appointment that we're a little smaller than average, so maybe Potus is a medium zucchini....

Nothing much to report this week. I've gained between 13 and 15 pounds. Near as I can figure it's all in blood and baby. Haven't noticed anything else growing. I'm using the Snoogle pillow which helps me stay on my side a little bit at night, but it creates almost too much space between my legs and I've been getting calf cramps almost every night. So, I've switched it around so most of the pillow is at my back and that has helped. Potus is getting more active, or else bigger, so I feel the kicking more (like now).

I've got all the paperwork in motion to transfer over to Dr. W2. Another couple weeks and we go for the 6 month appointment with ML. I'm kind of curious to see the difference in practice method. I've stopped reading Born in the USA and have decided to pick up What to Expect again. Dr. W1 made a comment early on when I mentioned reading it that I, "must know it all then." So, thinking I'd just worry myself with all the things that could go wrong, I stopped. But, looking back, I should have seen it as an indication of Dr. W1's preference for ignorant patients. Educated patients might challenge decisions.

I went over to N's house tonight to review the first batch of baby quilt fabric options. Most were pretty good. The greens might be a little tricky because the walls are a light true green and yellow greens are pretty popular right now. Some of the greens looked almost yellow or just plain clashed next to the walls.

I traveled into the City yesterday to sit in on the second interview of the favored candidate. They surprised me though and talked to her without me for about 20 minutes and then sent me in alone to discuss the realities of the job so she'd really know what she was getting into. For over an hour. P was concerned to hear about that since I have no HR training, but we seriously stayed on topic and talked just about her experience and what she could anticipate at our company. She seems like a good fit and has strengths I don't, so she'll be able to grow more in her own way there. If she wanted to, I'm sure she could grow into a Business Development role eventually.

Regardless, they're going to continue to cross train the new admin assistant and another staff member in Chicago to do some of the prospect prep so they'll stay out of the current predicament (having only one person to do typical prospects and one person to do government prospects). They sent the applicant an offer today, so hopefully they'll hear back soon. They want her to start at the beginning of September since she's already familiar with the current duties, and mostly just has to learn our history and the particular way we do things. She'd train a month locally and then work the second month in the City with me as support here just in case. I plan to stop work after the first week in November. It's kind of disconcerting planning your own obsolescence.

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