Tuesday, August 17, 2010

26 Week Update

Got my baby shower invitation last week and saw how cute they turned out. I sent A some bird pics and she printed them on cardstock and mounted them on an invitation with vellum overlay.

We received our first shower gift of this round yesterday. It's a jumperoo from Rick's Aunt J and Uncle M. And, judging by how active Potus has become, he/she will get a lot of enjoyment out of this toy in a matter of months.

I have a couple more weeks to go until I have to go for my Glucose test and RhoGam shot. Since I'm 0 Negative and P is Positive, we have to take precautions.

So, according to Baby Center, this week, we should start thinking about a birth plan and whether to circumcise if Potus is a boy. Apparently, about 50% of birth plans are completely disregarded and almost 50% did help them create the birth experience the mothers wanted.

So far, the pregnancy is going well. I'm finding it more uncomfortable to bend over these days. Getting in and out of my car feels like I have low bucket seats. The only weird symptom I've developed is a bruise sensation about 4" to the left and 1" above my belly button. It has no discoloration, but feels like a bruise. I did a search, and apparently it's fairly common and doesn't mean anything serious. Still, I'll be asking about it at the next appointment just in case.

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