Wednesday, January 26, 2011


To continue on the last theme.... I've now done two sessions with the personal trainer. She's tough, but fair since I asked her to go easy on me at first. And while everything has been challenging, she's been very supportive and has pumped my ego a bit with lots of "good jobs".

So far, I've jumped rope (for the first time since elementary school), actually done stuff unself-consciously in the male-dominated weight room, and have surprised myself with the amount of crunches I can do. I've told her my problem areas – basically everything that grew with pregnancy, so she's going to work my abs, thighs, and upper body especially. She also did a little health evaluation at the beginning, and brought my poor diet into the light. Since then, I've been making the extra effort to eat a good breakfast and at least two meals after that. Food quality has also gone up, although I haven't completely abandoned milk shakes. And, I did make another pan of brownies yesterday....

Today, P went on another overnight trip, although this one is the last one scheduled for a while. I tried to motivate myself to go to a kickboxing class this morning but it had a 9 am start time and so I had to settle for 30 minutes on the pseudo-elliptical machine.

We also ran to Target today for some emergency cat litter. Since we were there, we also picked up some extra onesies and sleepers for Ellie in the next size up. Dwell Studio has some of the cutest things.

Friday is Ellie's 2 month appointment. I'm cringing because she gets an assortment of shots and I hate hearing my sweet girl cry.

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