Sunday, January 2, 2011

You are VERY Sleepy

Last night, Ellie slept 7 hours.

I can't quite believe it. I woke up once, so I didn't quite get that much, but it was still very very nice. Not so nice to wake up engorged. She ate about 15 minutes at 5, but I still pumped about 6 ounces.

I'm curious to see what today's schedule will be like. My only errand today is to go to the grocery store. Unless we go back to Home Depot, in which case I'll try to squeeze in a couple of store returns.

Yesterday, P installed a fan in her room and switched out our fan since the light was very dim. There were a few complications though and he made a couple other trips to make returns and requisition other supplies. I think all our cars could get to that shopping center on autopilot at the rate we go to that corner of town.

Christmas photos are en route, but in the meantime, here are a couple of Moby pictures.
Ellie snuggled up in her Moby for a nap

Ellie hanging out while Mom gets to use the computer

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