Monday, May 16, 2011

Nap Nightmare

Today was a truly screwed up sleeping day. She woke for the day around 5:10 am, only slept for 40 minutes for her first morning nap, refused to take a late morning nap, fell asleep at the Y right before I had to pick her up, then wouldn't go back to sleep when we got home. Her/our afternoon nap finally happened around 3, but she woke after 45 minutes and then snursed (sleep-nursed) for 30 minutes before I got her back to sleep. As I was putting her down again at 4:30, the thought crossed my mind that that was probably not a good idea. But, the idea of getting more sleep was too seductive. We woke up a little before 6, right before P got home. Both of us were cranky. Late naps are bad. Plus, I was planning to put her to bed starting around 6:30. But, we pushed that back to 7. She was happier after her bath, but very hungry. So, we nursed for almost a half hour and then I laid her down awake. She played with her hands and made mostly happy noises until she finally passed out a little before 8.

I got my Nap book in today and started flipping through it. There were allusions to "gifts" and "volcanoes", so I decided to start at the beginning so I'd understand the code. There is a whole chapter on making short naps longer though, so I may skip ahead after I figure out the key phrases.

Now, I'm off for bed because I have NO idea what she'll do tonight. Cross your fingers.

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