Monday, May 16, 2011

Rolling Pin

Well the rolling left thing has escalated. The side of the crib doesn't stop her anymore. Apparently, when she wakes up, she gets enough oomph to make it to her tummy. But, because she's so close to the side of the crib, she pins her right arm. So, I think we'll go back to a center placement and just hope the kid learns how to roll back to her back and/or turn her head before she face-plants. Or, maybe I can look for a wedge pillow to go on either side....

We've been moving Ellie's bedtime up to about 6 (although she usually isn't asleep until 7 or 7:30. However, she still has been waking up on average 3 times a night and then is UP for the day by 5:30. We went for breakfast yesterday morning and were in and out by 8. We beat all but the early morning counter crowd. I've never seen Jimmy's that empty on a Sunday morning. Of course, after that, Ellie took an hour and 15 minute nap. I was REALLY hoping she'd repeat that today, but no such luck. So, I think we're going to inch bedtime back toward 7. Maybe start with 6:30 and see how that works. It's been nice having 2-3 hours to do stuff in the evenings, but the loss of sleep on the other end is not worth it. I'm really dragging this morning. I am looking forward to her next nap already.

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