Monday, May 16, 2011

Roll Em

I had a realization. Ellie only rolls left. I wonder why that is. It certainly makes it easier to block her rolling in the crib. So, I guess I should be thankful whatever the reason. We just lay her down slightly more left than center and when she tries to roll – as she now does automatically – her legs stop her when they encounter the side of the crib. It's not 100% foolproof, but is does prevent a lot of trips to flip her over.

Yesterday, I hit the bookstore and got a few other board books to read. I was getting a little tired of alternating between Ten in the Bed and Carry Me Please. I like the features of those books. They have a sentence on each page spread, an identifiable illustration to describe or talk through, a repetitive phrase, and they're just short enough to hold Ellie's attention and still eat up a little time. I got one called Baby Giggles which has a bunch of baby photographs, most of whom are smiling. She has been pretty interested in other kids and babies, and I like the different expressions. I also got a board version of Harry the Dirty Dog, which is admittedly at the outside limit of her attention span. But, it's a classic and more interesting for Mom and Dad to read. I also got Olivia, but it's either a little too long or the illustrations are a bit too complex for now. I have no doubt we'll grow into that one though. And, we picked up the paper version of Once Upon a Potty. We read it through this morning and introduced Ellie to her new potty chair. It's pretty similar to the bumpo style seat she has, so I hope she doesn't get confused. I also sat Ellie on her potty after a particularly loud poop, but she didn't seem to like it. I think her butt is just a little small for now (not surprisingly). So, perhaps for now, we'll just work on identifying when she eliminates and save the potty for when she can actually sit unassisted. I have a book coming from Amazon about early potty training, so we'll see what else it recommends.

Today, I'm mostly posting a batch of videos. They're nothing super exciting. Mostly just Ellie playing or cooing. But, for those of you who don't see her everyday or even every month, I thought you might enjoy seeing some of her cutest moments.

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