Tuesday, June 15, 2010

16 Weeks

Today marks 4 months. We went to our doctor appointment this afternoon and got to hear Potus' heartbeat again. P even remembered to record the heartbeat a little before they set me off laughing. Basically, we checked on when I need to stop flying/traveling (34 weeks). If I needed to do anything to prevent the awful calf cramps from waking me up (runner's stretch before bed and extra potassium). And, if he had any words of caution before I started using the prenatal yoga dvd. Since Potus is a mover and a shaker (very positive), Dr. W had trouble pinning down the location, but because there was a heartbeat, we're still on track for our ultrasound next month. I just need to schedule it in the morning.

So, now we're just waiting around again. Tomorrow, Zeus & I embark on our Fabulous Road Trip to Texas. With an estimated 20 hours in the car (each way) plus assorted potty and sustenance breaks, I really HOPE it's fabulous. We plan to leave early Sunday and reach Austin Monday evening. With luck, we'll miss the worst of rush hour, although IH-35 from Dallas to Austin is one giant traffic jam. Cross your fingers.

I've also touched base with a couple recent and soon-to-be Moms I know from High School on Facebook. They made a few recommendations, not least of which are to avoid Motherhood Maternity clothes, find good bras, lotion & eat lots of fiber. The fiber really isn't a problem with my vegetarian diet. And, the bras aren't really an issue at this point, although a girl can dream.

If any other moms have suggestions or tips, please comment below. All advice is welcome here.

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