Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Week 15

Today marks the beginning of week 15. One more week until the 4 month check-up. I'm supposed to have gained 5-10 pounds. We'll have to go with the doctor's scale because I show 3-4 on my home scale. Today I realized I may have to start splitting up my meals a little bit more. I had lentil soup, salad (admittedly a good sized one), crackers and cheese for lunch and it feels like Thanksgiving. I've already got 1st and 2nd breakfast. So now, it looks like I need a pre-lunch snack at 10:30-11.

A friend at Kappa last night suggested these movable buttons "as seen on TV" that they have at Kmart. I'm pretty sure I'm about past being able to squeeze into regular jeans, but I may look for them as a back up. Part of me also wants to invest in a belly band which kind of converts your pre-pregnancy pants into modest maternity wear.

I do need to find some looser yoga type pants to wear on my upcoming road trip though. (And, for if I ever make time for yoga.) Right now, the most comfortable clothes I own are dresses, a pair of insanely large sweat pants my sister got me when she worked at Nike, and a yoga waist jersey skirt that I wish I could clone.

Tonight, I went to a daycare Open House for the new Growing Kids Learning Center that is opening a half mile away from our home. It looks like it'll be a very nice facility. I especially like the flexible late hours. Their hours are 6:30am - 11:30pm. They have spots for 8 infants. But, they only do full time care for infants. No part-time care. So, for $195/week, we could put our child in daycare. Assuming we get through on the waiting list. So, the damage isn't as bad as I'd thought, but that's still a major chunk of my income. Lots of food for thought.

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