Thursday, June 3, 2010

And So It Begins

Our sleepy tale begins with a boy, a girl, and a broadband connection. Fast forward 6 and a half years and said boy and girl are now husband and wife with a small family of furry critters in a big house. They want to add more two legged critters to even things up a bit and one day their wish comes true. The girl is pregnant. Several nail-bitten weeks later (12 exactly), they begin sharing the news with family and friends. Everyone is delighted except perhaps one of the girl's coworkers who is rightly afraid of what this might mean for his mental health. Soon-to-be grandparents begin planning trips and what their official grandparent names will be. Future aunts contemplate moving cross-country. The happy couple gets offers of hand-me-downs, babysitting, and name suggestions. Everyone wants to keep updated. Now, at week 14, E, the mother-to-be suddenly begins to look a little pregnant and feels that maybe elasticized pants are finally justified. E has been fortunate not to suffer from morning/afternoon/evening sickness. However, she eats constantly and doesn't feel like she's gaining any weight. The father-to-be, P, begins to contemplate the future. Budgets become more than mere exercises. Life insurance is considered and purchased. Stroller reviews and carseats are contemplated. Time moves slowly. Stay tuned for updates....

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