Saturday, June 19, 2010

Century Mark & Road Trippers

Today is the BIG party of the family business' 100 year celebration. P is running around like mad trying to solve last minute snafus and reset things after the 70 mph winds from last night's two storms. Apparently, there is the world's largest non-circus tent out there at the picnic grounds. At least, we're hoping it's still intact.... It's got 12 peaks! I've heard the food will be fabulous, but with Strongbow catering, how could it be otherwise? To top it all off, almost all the company employees are coming with their families. And, the International staff and sales teams are here in force. All told, there should be around 1100 folks there tonight. And, a really extensive fireworks show at the end (yippee!).

Tomorrow, Zeuser and I embark on an ambitious journey of 1200 miles (20 hours) to Texas. He's going to meet his cousin Sam and I'm going to enjoy a little R&R with the family and celebrate a couple birthdays. There's also a baby shower tucked in there for the Texas contingent. My last trip was in March, right before we confirmed the pregnancy. So, this is a semi-spontaneous trip because I don't know when my next visit down will be. Before, we'd planned to fly down for Dad's graduation in December and Christmas a couple weeks later. Now, it largely depends on Potus' temperament.

I hope to catch a nap between my hospice shift and the picnic. Who knows how long the fireworks will last tonight, and with our ambitious departure of 6 am tomorrow, I'd like to start 12 hours of driving off fully rested.

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