Friday, June 11, 2010


This morning I gave notice to my boss that I wasn't coming back from maternity leave. He seemed relieved and grateful to know. Although I'm just shy of 4 months, that gives them hopefully sufficient time to find a good candidate. Because they need someone in place and ready to roll by the time I leave around Mid-November. I'm guessing that means bringing someone in mid-September so they have a chance to experience the joys of the annual newsletter, hopefully, the open house, and a few brochures before I leave them on their own. So much has changed since I started 5 years ago. The pace has picked up and the level expected on most RFQ's has become pretty high in terms of quality of information.

So, if you know any graphic designers or marketing professionals looking for an entry-mid level job with a Northwest Indiana architecture firm have them contact me. I have to work out a job description, but that's the basics.

I was pretty conflicted about telling work. Even though we're sharing now, I've still heard too many stories of people losing babies at 5 and 7 months, so I wanted to keep my options open for another month or so. However, my husband convinced me that it would be better to get it out in the open so my employer can prepare. They've been very good to me thus far, so the least I can do is give them the courtesy of time to prepare. And, I would hope that if anything happens (knock on wood) before they hire someone else, they would let me stay.

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