Wednesday, September 15, 2010

29 Weeks and Counting

As Baby Center says, only 77 days left to go! A co-worker commented yesterday that I've gone from a sassy swagger to a slow shuffle. I'm holding steady at about a 27 pound weight gain, which is supposed to be healthy. However, people keep making the comment that I'm small for 7 months. Since it's becoming more difficult to find clothes that fit comfortably when I get dressed, I'm not sure I want to get too much bigger. Some of my shirts seem likely to expose my midriff. I jumped up a couple sizes in pants since my spreading hips are making my pre-pregnancy sized maternity pants shimmy down as I walk or sit. It's weird that the clothes go on, they just don't want to stay on. It's probably good that I plan to stop work about 3 weeks before I'm due, because by that time, I'll probably be rotating two sets of clothes.

Potus has become very active of late. Or, it's probably more accurate to say he/she is just getting stronger. The kicks are more noticeable as kicks and seem to pick up whenever I sit (which is most of the day at work).

We were able to "break-in" some of the baby gear this weekend when our friends from Indy came up with their 7 month old daughter, L. L was a super sweet smiley guest. She put up with Zeus although we tried to curb the worst of his overly generous kisses. Isis didn't seem too interested, but she wasn't agressive, just attentive. She has strong enforcer tendencies, so she'll probably do a lot of watching in the future. By the end of the weekend, Zeus seemed to get that we held L in high esteem and he was not to go near her unattended. Still, he showed a huge affinity for all plush toys associated with L. I have to give him props for delicately chewing the string off a stuffed insect attached to the floor gym. He eyed it all weekend and despite shooing him off it several times, he found it unattended sometime Sunday morning and "freed" it. However, he didn't damage the toy, just disengaged it. For such a slobber-puss, he can manage some precision chewing when needed. This, however, does not bode well for the future of plush toys in our house. I hope Potus and any future siblings can appreciate nice hard plastic toys....

On the health front, I took my glucose test last week and am doing just fine. No gestational diabetes, yeah! I also got my Rho-gam shot (since I'm Rh Negative and P is positive) which should hold me through delivery unless Potus runs late. I've started battling a little heartburn after meals, so I bought a bottle of Tums, which seems to do the trick. At first I attributed it to eating too fast or eating and then going to bed, but it's getting a bit more regular, so I think it's just eating, period.

I'm beginning to feel the need to fix up Potus' room. P has the changing table built. He just needs to complete the drawer pulls and finish it. However, he ran out of wood for the crib, so he's in a holding pattern until he can make it to South Bend for a bit more cherry. He wants to finish the pieces at the same time for efficiency. Once those pieces go in the room, it'll start to feel like a baby room. And, the second baby shower is coming up in less than a month now so we should find out what gear we still need soon. Right now, the list is pretty overwhelming. Especially considering the loss of my income.

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