Saturday, September 18, 2010

Baby Doctor

We met with the potential pediatrician last night. The wait time wasn't very promising. Our appointment was for 4:45. When I called at 4 to see if he was running behind, I was told we should come at 5. There at 5, P and I proceeded to wait another half an hour to see the doctor. But, once we got him, he seemed to give us his whole attention. We asked him for a general overview of his practice methods and he seemed like someone we could work with. He said he does recommend antibiotics more than any other medicine, but attributed that to the fact that he doesn't prescribe medicine where it's not needed. He said he weighs decisions based on whether one is more likely to hurt or help the patient. I asked if he was willing to present options where reasonable and he gave the example of ADHD drugs. He would offer three different options and present the various side effects and trade offs. I wasn't so keen on the example because I'm sure I'm not alone in hoping my child won't have to worry about ADHD. And, if we do, I'd hope to find an option not involving drugs. But, we'll cross that bridge when and if we come to it.

Overall, I think Dr. L is someone we can respect and work with. He's got a bonus of being an internal medicine specialist, so like a doctor of osteopathy, he has a bit more thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology. And, he seems to respect parents who take the trouble to interview him before the first visit. I know three families at work who see him also, and no one seemed to have anything bad to say about him. One of the mothers is a nurse too, so I figured she would be super particular. And, he visits the infant within about 12 hours of birth too. I expect we'll be seeing him in late November.

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