Friday, September 17, 2010

Family Traditions

Although a lot of my posts have been about health, symptoms, and baby gear, we are thinking about other things such as how we want to raise our child. Every set of parents has a different style, so we've been paying attention to those around us, keeping in mind that each child is different and so parenting techniques do vary from child to child.

But, until we meet Potus, we're focusing more on the kind of childhood experiences we'd like to create through family traditions. Some of the things we would like to do:
• Take annual family vacations, introduce the family to the National Park system and foster a love of the outdoors
• Make a point to eat dinner together
• Read lots and lots of books together
• Make TV a treat rather than a routine
• Lots of grandparent and aunt/uncle time
• Eat healthy home-cooked foods and keep fast and junk foods to a minimum
• Introduce everyone to music at an early age
• Try to limit extracurricular activities so that there is plenty of time for riding bikes and playing with the dogs and neighbor kids

This is just a start. Let us know if you have any additional suggestions.

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