Monday, September 6, 2010

7 Month Update

Tomorrow marks 28 weeks. We went for a tour of the hospital labor and delivery department on Saturday. Apparently the Purdue/Notre Dame game kept most of the couples who signed up away. Out of 16 couples who made reservations, only one other couple (a mother and daughter) showed up. So, the tour went very quickly. The Labor Delivery Recovery and Postpartum rooms look very similar to the actual patient rooms. Most of the rooms are private. Only three are shared, and it sounds as though they try not to bunk people together if they can help it. The one thing I was a little unsure about were the "Spa showers" in the hallways. Not in the rooms.

Today, I went in for the glucose test and Rho-gam shot. It was kind of boring. I don't think I've been stuck twice in the same arm ever before. The glucose drink wasn't too far from Kool-aid, but certainly not something I'm in a hurry to drink again soon.

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