Thursday, September 23, 2010

30 Weeks

Today, we went to our 30 week checkup. Everything looks good. Potus was a little coy about getting his/her heart rate and the nurse made me laugh (admittedly, not hard to do), so we didn't hear a strong loud heartbeat. Mostly, it sounded like a winter storm with lots of wind. The doctor didn't do a fundal height measurement. I weighed in at 3 pounds over last appointment. I think I was going to get scolded, so I made a point to mention that a) I'd just eaten lunch b) I'd been drinking a lot of fluids to counteract the c) edema caused by overdoing the walking in the City yesterday. I have to say, the fluids really helped. My feet were very piggy looking at bedtime yesterday, and I almost didn't fit my flip flops this morning, which I found alarming since I'd basically had my feet up all night. But, by 1:30, the edema had gone to just barely noticeable and mostly focused on my feet. I did leave off my jewelry today though because my rings actually left marks yesterday. My engagement ring has always been a size or two big, so that was pretty extreme.

I'm beginning to dislike traveling by car. All car seats feel like bucket seats and it takes a while for me to get in and out. Once I'm in, I'm grand. I drive pushed back from the wheel, so I don't think I'll get to the point where that's a tight fit.

One of the other things we discussed with Dr. W2 was the symptoms of early labor and recognizing Braxton Hicks. P and I have noticed that sometimes my stomach is hard and sometimes softer and squishier. I read in What to Expect that when it's firm, that means the baby is facing me and its back is making my stomach feel rigid. However, Dr. W2 mentioned that sometimes, the tightness might actually be Braxton Hicks contractions and that I should learn to recognize them in the event that I experience early labor so we can get appropriate help before things get complicated. I mention this because I'm still a bit fuzzy on the difference between back firmness and contraction. So far, I haven't really noticed any sensations that I'd call contractions, but I wonder if they're similar enough that I wouldn't.

If any of you experienced mamas out there can clarify for me, please do.


  1. As I recall, Braxton Hicks are a tightening and then loosening feeling, not a constant firmness or tension. I would not call them painful but they can be a little uncomfortable at times or "achey". If they are the real thing they will continue to increase in intensity and come at regular intervals and will become uncomfortable!

  2. That's kind of what I thought, which is why the doctor confused me a bit. I just don't want to misdiagnose them. I may have had a few sporadic and mild Braxton Hicks, but then again, some of that could be attributed to normal tweaks from moving too suddenly. We've got the midwife next week, so I'll be sure to clarify with her.