Thursday, November 4, 2010

Inching Along

Well, the elephant feet are kind of back. I can still see ankle bones, but there is some shallow pitting going on. I went home last night to put my feet up and let my dear husband handle dinner. I'd like to be able to get one more pedicure before Potus arrives. And, I really don't want to scare the nail tech too badly.

It doesn't seem possible, but it feels as though Potus has dropped a bit more since Monday even. I've definitely gone to a shuffle walk/waddle. It's almost more comfortable to shuffle sideways. Just one more work day after today and I can downgrade to lounging pants and slippers. I'm really hoping moving around is not this uncomfortable for another 4+ weeks.

Otherwise, we're just in wait and see mode. I've got a couple people reminding me that this is my last 8 am at work on a Thursday and so forth. Really helps the days crawl. I've decided that Potus can show up anytime after the 12th. I'd just like that extra week to make it to the "full term" mark of 37 weeks and get a few things taken care of. I can find things to do if Potus is feeling sluggish, but I just ask that he/she give me till the 12th.

I can hear all you veteran moms out there laughing, but that's just how I feel about it. They're passing the baby pool around work, so we'll see if anyone guesses correctly.

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