Sunday, November 7, 2010

Running Around

Yesterday we woke up to about an inch and a half of snow. It melted by noon, but was still a little bit of a shock. It's early November. It shouldn't get cold enough for that garbage for another month at least. Right? Once we recovered, we took advantage of the fact that the sky was dry and headed to South Bend to pick up some lumber for P's next project (a desk for the office). He's been trying to get there for over a month, but every time he plans to, it rains. He even got halfway there Wednesday and then turned around when it started raining.Yesterday, we were finally able to check that off the list. Afterward, we ate at a little Mexican place. It wasn't bad for Indiana. Still, the best Tex-mex I've had up here was in Fishers.

Today, I ran to Target, Michael's, Marshall's, the gas station, an Open House at the Artist's Den, and finally the grocery store. I was only gone for about 4 hours, but I was absolutely tuckered when I got home. And, I didn't end up finding as many Christmas gifts as I was hoping to. I think it's internet shopping from here on out. I'm planning to stay pretty close to the house for the forseeable future.

Started to make lists of things I'd like to get done here in the next week or so. I can really tell that my energy level has gone down. Whereas I used to pick up clutter when it bugged me, now, I'm making lists to address the clutter in hopes that at some point I'll feel peppy enough to do something about it.

Among the things to do this week: clean the downstairs for company, finish the crib mobile, hang the abacus, fold baby laundry, take dogs to the vet, renew license plates, take delivery of the glider chair, and eat a lot of salad, since I was overly optimistic at Sam's last trip....

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