Monday, November 1, 2010

36 Week Update

This week, Babycenter says Potus is about the size of a Crenshaw Melon. Personally, I think they're stretching it with the produce comparisons. I wonder if they can keep it up for another 4-6 weeks.

This weekend, I went to the mall, twice. I haven't been in probably 2 years, and decided to go back-to-back for some unknown reason. I can't even recall what we went for yesterday, except to eat lunch at the food court, which we were unable to finish due to witnessing a dramatic white trash episode. Involving a lady in a wheelchair. It was special.

Friday night, my elephant feet decided to leave. Apparently, I've been treating myself well. Even all the walking I did this weekend didn't cause a recurrence. The bad news is that Potus appears to have dropped for real (not that it's really a bad thing, just uncomfortable). Two weeks ago, Dr. W2 voiced the opinion that Potus had dropped already, but I think perhaps he/she dropped partially before and Saturday dropped the rest of the way since now it feels as though I have a bowling ball between my legs. P made the observation that I probably shouldn't attempt to carry bowling balls like that in my condition. He's a funny guy, my husband.

This morning, I quickly packed a preliminary hospital bag and a Potus bag, just on the off chance that we found out at my appointment that I'm dilated, although I understand that I could be taking my bowling ball for a walk for another month (or heaven forbid another 6 weeks). According to the doctor appointment, I'm not dilated, but am apparently thinned about 80%.  So, I'll be carrying my bowling ball for a little while longer. The nurse was kind enough to point out a Braxton Hicks for me so now I know what they feel like. Apparently, I've been having a lot of them, so I'm supposed to count and time them if I notice them pretty frequently and regularly. Other stats for those of you keeping track: fundal height measured 35 cm, Potus' heart rate is 130, Dr. J thinks Potus will be around 7.5 pounds, and total weight gain (according to Doctor scale) is 42 pounds.

And, I was able to locate sufficient nursing bras mostly locally. Turns out our Target DOES carry a small selection. Better than JC Penney's even. And, there's a full-fledged Motherhood Maternity store at the mall (Saturday) that appeared to be smaller than the nearby outlet store, but better stocked. And, they were having a sale. So, I ended up spending less than I thought I needed to and ended up with a wider selection than I thought I'd get.

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