Thursday, November 25, 2010

Week 39

Today/yesterday, we had our 39 week appointment. Same stats as before. Holding steady at 1 cm and 80%. My blood pressure was slightly elevated, which nearly never happens. So, the nurse and Dr. J were a bit alarmed. However, I have no other symptoms to give alarm other than my still swollen right foot. Found out Dr. J is on call tomorrow though, so I know who we'll get if we should need to go in tomorrow.

Update: Starting about 11:30 tonight, I began to understand what contractions are. I'm using the Labor Mate app on my phone and thus far, the samples are wildly erratic. I have a little trouble pinpointing exactly when one starts since they have a definite "wave" pattern to them. So far, I've got contractions from 33 seconds to a little over a minute with frequencies that seem to be getting further between 3 minutes to 8 and a half. And, my pregnancy heater is on the fritz. For the first time in months, I'm actually a bit chilly. Even if this turns out to be false labor, I don't think P or I are going to get much sleep tonight.

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