Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Week 38

Wednesday marks 38 weeks. However, since I got my email from Baby Center yesterday, and I'm thinking about it, I'll go ahead and post an update. Our doctor's appointment isn't until Friday, so there will be another update later this week.

Potus and I are enjoying a kind of leisure these days. We sleep in waaayy past 5 these days. The dogs have finally acclimated to a first outing of 6 or 6:30. Half the time, P takes them out. Often, we go back to bed and lounge about for a while. It's like endless Saturdays. The only bummer is P can't spend the day with me. However, we manage. Yesterday, we finished most of the Christmas shopping. Today, my goal is to finish some work for the January Gardening Show, get out most if not all the remaining thank you cards, and make a pumpkin pie for P. Sounds rough, eh? Still, with a 10 o'clock start, I'm feeling a bit behind the eight ball.

Stormy has been "providing" for the growing family this week by bringing in mice. Two so far.  I thought we'd discussed this earlier in the season, but she apparently feels that a new mom needs plenty of mice. I'm hoping she is unable to find more today, but I'm glad she at least kills them before she brings them up to the back door. The first one this spring was still alive as she repeatedly threw it up in the air and off the deck to the ground 20' below. I'd prefer not to see that side of my cat or to imagine the suffering of the little critter in its last moments.

I'm waiting on a couple of art rails to ship for the walls. Once I get those installed, I WILL post nursery pictures. And, although I cannot promise how pretty they'll be, I will also attempt to have my husband document my current physique via photo.

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