Friday, October 22, 2010

Breastfeeding Class for Grownups

Last night, I went to a Breastfeeding Class put on by my doctor's office. As a friend had suggested, it was a much different experience than the AM La Leche League. First, there was only one infant. They encourage you to come to the class once before baby and once after. The idea being that after baby, you can bring up any additional questions or simply act as a confirmation to the "counselors" leading the session that yes, what they are telling all the soon-to-be moms is true and helpful.

These volunteer counselors (moms who have been through the same practice) put on a video and then followed it up with a more in depth discussion/demonstration of holding techniques, coping mechanisms, self-expression, etc. And, there was a little booklet with a lot of the same info, even including pictures of poop so I can tell what is normal and what warrants a call to the doctor.

One thing I thought was interesting was that they tucked in a hot pink card for us to take to the hospital. It has hunger cues on one side and basically a warning for the nursing staff on the other that this child (we're supposed to put it in Potus' bed/cart) is a breastfed baby from the XYZ practice and should not be given bottles, pacifiers, or anything else that might impede a successful breastfeeding relationship. Since accidents do sometimes happen, we've been informed that in the rare case that someone misses or disregards the implications of the card, we are to find out who, if possible, and report back to the doctor when I go back for my 6 week post-partum appointment. The doctor will then follow up and make clear to the staff member that no means no.

After the class section, they encouraged us to eat the refreshments while our assigned counselors sought us out, introduced themselves, and gave us their contact info. Mine is an outgoing mother of four who knows P's family and sometimes hangs out with my brother and sister-in-law. She was probably a little chagrined to find me so shy, but she did encourage me to call her with any questions, no matter how stupid they seemed to me, and at whatever time of day or night they came up. Like she was reading my mind, she said it was better to call than to try to work something out until the point that Potus and I became frustrated.

At this point, I'm glad I went to the class and am inclined to use these resources rather than La Leche League. However, I will probably still give LLL a couple more chances, especially the evening sessions.

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  1. I'm gonna comment on this as I've had 2 previous babies who I breastfed. They used pacifiers from the get go, and it never impeded anything. I did find that they disliked the pacifiers the hospital had and prefered the Avent kind. Not sure why...but, anyway, my 2 cents.