Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Week 34

Well, not much to report this week. I had an epiphany while lifting a pumpkin into the grocery cart that I really shouldn't be lifting anything that heavy. Each time I lift something a bit heavier than I should, I feel some tightening and it makes me freak out (a little). So, all that stuff that people have been trying to carry for the last 5 months or so, it's cool if they carry it now. I've finally got to the point where I will accept and even request help.

We (meaning P) got the baby seat installed in the back seat. He then brought the seat back into the house and left the base in the car. I think he's a little weirded out to drive around with the carseat just yet. I would be too at this point. However, since Potus will ride in Dad's car first, P gets the honors. We're looking at possibly upgrading my car to something a little more winter hardy and spacious, but if we do, it probably won't happen until January. So, if anyone wants to purchase a slightly used 2008 red Prius (option 2), shoot me a line. It has 4 season tires and an ipod/phone dock installed. It's great for hauling stuff and only has about 16,000 miles. The way I drive, it gets about 43 mpg in town.

I felt Potus kick while I was practicing guitar yesterday morning. Not sure if it was a happy kick or a "geez mom, play something catchy" kick. Poor kid will get to hear a lot of subpar practicing before it gets better. However, I already have trouble keeping the guitar on my lap, so the kicking didn't help any. I'm going to try using a smaller guitar at my next lesson, so we'll see if it helps any. I also find I get a twinge of carpal tunnel in my left wrist. But, it only flares up when I practice. Go figure.

It occurred to me today that the whiny coworker who has begun to frustrate me is good training for a fussy baby. I'm trying to put a good spin on it for sanity's sake. I'm just hoping that Potus is a lot more endearing. Either that or this easy irritation I've begun to notice subsides some once I quit work. The dogs bring it out too though, so I may be out of luck there. Speaking of irritating animals, the cat began a new campaign of clinginess this morning. She came up to me no less than 5 times before I left for work demanding head rubs, letting me pick her up and pet her on my lap (which she NEVER does), etc. I was actually running early yesterday, but because of all the affection, I left at my now normal time of 10 till. Usually, she just bugs me to get her treats in the morning and then she's done with me. I think she suspects something. We'll see how long this new found affection lasts.

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