Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chore Wars

Apparently, parenthood comes with a number of built in conflicts (mommy wars, etc). One of the pleasant surprises when I moved in with P was that he was a willing participant in household chores. Mind, we are fortunate to be able to hire someone to come in every other week and do a thorough clean. However, P does his own laundry, puts dishes away, loads the dishwasher, cleans up if I cook, bakes, takes out the trash, collects the mail, vacuums when asked, loves shoveling snow, and is generally agreeable to any chore I ask him to do. I'm not sure how his mom did it, but I intend to sit down and have a chat with her before Potus gets to walking.

Somehow, in my house, things didn't go so smoothly. We had chores, sure, but it was like pulling teeth to get any of us to do them. I "roomed" with my sister until I lived on my own, so my attitude was still pretty combative until I lived with P. His attitude really positively impacted mine. He was a grown up, so I became one too. Anyhow, I'm curious, did anyone notice a decrease in domestic harmony when kids came along? Obviously, you get a lot more stuff, and mess, and have additional family members who cannot always be reasoned with. And, since I'll be staying home, there are the potential powder kegs of me being home all the time, P being the sole breadwinner, and the like. I expect any future conflict to mostly be a result of other issues instead of actual lack of help. Anyone have any experiences they want to share? Drop a comment or email....

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