Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Doc Appointment Week 34

Just got back from the first doctor visit without P. He had to work. So, for him and anyone else who cares, today's stats are:
Fundal height: 30 cm (average should be around 34 cm, but doc says he thinks Potus is plenty big, just dropping already)
Potus' Heartbeat: Right around 130
Weight gained: 38 lbs.
Stretch marks so far: 0 (knock on wood)

Dr. W2 is "90% sure" that Potus is head down.

The only issue is the fact that my right foot is noticeably more swollen than my left. However, that could be explained by my habit of sitting on my right foot at the kitchen table. My dad tried to break me of that, but it didn't take. Otherwise, my blood pressure is good, I'm not dropping protein, and have no other noticeable issues. In 2-4 weeks, they will give me a Strep B test. I sent in my pre-registration to the hospital last week, so now, I just need to keep waiting, maybe pack a hospital bag, and take it easy as much as possible.

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